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Names Matthew, im 19, Music is life. I BMX. Dirtbiking is a passion. Skating bowls. Jackass was one of my biggest inspirations as a kid growing up. I'm really creative with a big immagination and people say I'm a character. I just do what makes sense to me. I get told im the caring asshole everybody loves and i have a bad side. I couldnt give one fuck less than i already do. I love talking to anybody about anything. Everyones got something to say. I just want people to live their lives and be happy- with a fucked mind set it's hard to be positive when you don't see shit positive, you know what I'm sayin?... BMX. Tattoos. Rad skating. Knowledge. Moto. Whatever i feel like posting. Welcome to my head, ENJOY. .
Instagram … LA county- Orange County, Inland Empire all raised is the life.. so cal living Its a Love and Hate thing. Enigmatic, Allure, Lost, Zen, Oblique, Ambiguous, Aloof, Animosity, Ambivalence, Perplex, Flagrant.